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IIT Roorkee College Review - Admissions, Campus Life, Hostels, Placements

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In higher technological education and engineering, basic and applied research, the Indian Institute of Technology - Roorkee (IIT Roorkee)is one of the most important institutes in the country. The Institute has played a critical role in delivering technical manpower and know-how to the country, as well as in research, since its inception.

The Institute is one of the world's best technological institutions, contributing to all aspects of technological growth. It has also been hailed as a trailblazer in science, technology, and engineering teaching and research.

Important information regarding IIT-Roorkee

  1. Location

  • Address- Haridwar Highway, Roorkee, Uttarakhand 24766
  • Campus map link-
  • Campus size- 365 acres.
  • The campus resembles a city with gardens, lawns, residential buildings, and broad roadways.
  • Reaching IIT Roorkee- The easiest way to get there is by train. Several trains are serving Roorkee daily from various cities around. By train, it takes less than 3 hours and 30 minutes to reach Roorkee from Delhi, so it is the fastest and most economical way of travel.

2. Courses offered by IIT-Roorkee

3. Fee structure

1. BTech

Total fees-₹ 8.54 Lakhs

2. MTech

Total fees - ₹ 45,750

3. MBA

Total fees-₹ 8.28 Lakhs

4. MSc

Total fees-₹ 40,000

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4. Student Hostels

  • Students are expected to live on-site at IIT Roorkee, which offers several hostels.
  • There are 13 hostels on campus, with 10 dormitories for guys and three for girls.
  • The warden oversees each hotel's operation.

Boys Hostels

Girls Hostels

Hostel facilities - Basic amenities include a cyber cafe, a gym, Wi-Fi, water purifiers, a common area, a leisure room, a mess, a TV, laundry services, and a security and monitoring system.

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5. Campus facilities

1. Library

  • The Mahatma Gandhi Central Library is a one-of-a-kind institution in India's academic library system, combining ancient and modern components.
  • The library, which spans over 80000 square feet and features a state-of-the-art centrally air-conditioned facility, security systems, and attractive architecture, can accommodate 500 people for convenient access.

2. Guest Room

  • These are the options for assisting visitors. In terms of both food and atmosphere.
  • Guest rooms and suites with provided beds and amenities such as an emergency generator, air conditioning, and furnished beds are available at the Khosla International House (KIH).
  • Visitors' Hostel of N.C. Nigam – Hostel with a committee room, dining hall, and well-furnished, air-conditioned rooms.
  • Faculty Home — Adjacent to the guest house, it has ground-floor suites and first-floor rooms.

3. Sports

  • Students and residents have access to both indoor and outdoor sporting facilities. The Inter IIT sports meet, which takes place every year in December, adds to the allure.

4. Cafeteria

  • There are numerous cafeterias at IIT Roorkee.
  • There are three major cafes on campus: Nescafe, Alpahar, and the University Canteen. In addition, there are night canteens in each hostel too.
  • These cafeterias provide healthy &  good meals at affordable costs.

5. Gym

  • Students at IIT-Roorkee also have access to a gym so that they can maintain their fitness.

6. Bank Facility

  • The Punjab National Bank (P.N.B.) and the State Bank of India have branches on campus (S.B.I.).
  • Both banks offer centralized banking services and Internet banking and ATM services.

7. Auditorium

  • The auditorium at IIT Roorkee is available for events and seminars.

8. Medical Facilities

  • Students, staff, and teachers can use the hospital's 50 beds for emergency, ECG, general health care, and x-ray services.
  • Dental facilities, as well as specific treatments such as pathology and physiotherapy consultations, are offered.

6. Extracurricular Activities

1. UBA

We are an IIT Roorkee student body that has been motivated by the idea of a revolutionary shift in rural development to contribute to the construction of an inclusive India.

2. Cognizance

The Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, hosts Cognizance every year. Gather here to learn. Come together to grow. Join forces to learn. Come, be cognizant.

3. Geek Gazette

The official technical journal of IIT Roorkee, Geek Gazette, features articles that have been carefully chosen for the enthusiastic, tech-savvy, and esteemed residents of IIT Roorkee and beyond.

4. NCC

Students at IIT Roorkee have the chance to join the NCC. The NCC's 3UK CTR (3 Uttarakhand Composite Technical Regiment) is made up of Institute cadets.

5. SAC

A vibrant, student-run organization that interacts with, supports and speaks for the diverse student body at IIT Roorkee.

6. Share

Sharing Analysis of Regional Economies, or ShARE, is a multicultural, non-profit organization for students that brings together gifted kids and world leaders to talk about international economic concerns.

7. Cultural Council

All of the institute's annual cultural activities are organised by the student body's Cultural Council or Cultural Societies, sometimes known as "Cul-Soc."

8. Dramatics Section

Since its establishment, this division has produced plays of unrivalled calibre and is renowned for its discipline and organization.

7. Placements

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IIT Roorkee is one of the top engineering institutes in the country. It offers ample opportunities for students to explore themselves and build successful careers. The college offers a variety of clubs and events for students to participate in and hone their soft skills. Apart from that, the study culture is amazing here. Placements are also top-notch. If you are getting a chance to be enrolled in this institute, do not miss it!

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