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How to cope up with Anxiety? | Techniques to reduce Anxiety

career vyas blogs Bhavya Dhawan
career vyas blogsNov 28 2022
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Recall the last time you read your exam results and were disappointed by how poorly you performed. You experienced a lot of anxiety at that time, didn't you? Consider the last time you struggled with anything while observing others succeeding in the same field. Didn't you sense your thoughts getting more and more anxious? Anxiety is one of the frequent problems that students encounter on a daily basis. When we are worried about ourselves, our lives, or

our future, it frequently occurs to us.

We constantly worry about our work, finances, families, and friends in our hectic life, which causes us to lose our inner peace. Although the causes of our stress and anxiety aren't always under our control, we don't have to let them worry us as much. There are numerous ways in which we can achieve mental tranquilly. Let's examine them.

Here are some techniques for managing anxiety:

1. Breathe

Deep breathing helps your body receive more oxygen while also calming your nerves, which lowers tension and anxiety. Take a moment for yourself whenever you experience a situation that makes your heart race and your blood start to run cold. Close your eyes and take a long deep breath. Do this about 10 times. You'll feel peaceful while you breathe, and your anxiousness will progressively fade.

2. Go for a Walk

According to medical science, serotonin, a happy hormone, is released whenever you gently exercise your body. Therefore, take 10 minutes off and go for a little stroll the next time you feel like you can't handle the pressure of the scenario. No matter where you are, stepping outside and taking a walk in the open air can help you to relax. It is a tried-and-true method of calming anxiety. Take time to admire the beauty of nature as you stroll. Allow your mind to unwind.

3. Phone a friend

Sometimes having a wonderful friend at our side during trying times is all we need. You can forget about your worries and relax by listening to a familiar voice. You could discuss how you feel and the causes of your increasing anxiety. When we communicate to someone we love about our sentiments, it has a wonderful effect on our minds and makes us feel quite light. You are free to discuss anything you like. It will enable you to put your troubles on hold and direct your attention in another direction.

4. Take a Break

We have so much to accomplish and so little time, which is the main cause of our anxiety. Therefore, we must temporarily set aside our problems and unfinished business in order to drive away uneasiness. Stop doing your regular chores. You can decide to schedule a movie or dinner somewhere outside. Even something as simple as sharing a cup of tea with your family will help you temporarily forget about your anxiety and assist to clear your mind.

5. Keep a journal

Writing can be a very effective tool for thought-expression. You can put your nervousness to rest by writing down your ideas. You can describe your day's events and the causes of your worries in your essay. Just put your feelings in writing, and you'll notice that as you write, you start to feel better. Writing can settle your thoughts and give you a real sense of peace.

6. Switch off your phone

Overusing your phone steals your inner peace. Therefore, it's crucial to turn off your phone for a while and give yourself some space. Keep your phone as far away from you as you can to avoid the temptation to glance into it. If the notifications from your mobile apps are driving you crazy or you are feeling worried because you did not reply to a certain friend, just give yourself a break from this social life. Turn off your phone and enjoy this window of quite time.


As a student, there can be many moments where you feel anxious about your marks or grades or maybe other things. Being anxious will make you overthink, and you eventually start doubting yourself. Therefore one must get rid of this negative emotion. Following the above techniques on daily basis can help you reduce your anxiety level and live a stress free life!

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