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Government Jobs for Commerce Students - an ultimate guide

career vyas blogs Bhavya Dhawan
career vyas blogsFeb 08 2023
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There are numerous opportunities in govt jobs for commerce students.A commerce student has many job opportunities in a variety of industries. They are offered excellent pay packages at top-tier organisations in several employment areas, including finance, human resources, and investment banking. If the stability and added perks of a govt job appeal to commerce students, then there are a variety of job opportunities that are accessible to them.

Here is a comprehensive list of govt jobs for commerce students that you can apply for after your grade 12th.

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Assistant Accountant in Public Sector Projects

Many PSUs use accounts assistants to execute their standard accounting chores. The duties of an accounts assistant include preparing payrolls, estimating invoices, and monitoring equipment kept at several corporate locations. That is unquestionably a terrific white-collar job. Watch for job alerts and submit your application as soon as one shows up.

SSC Intermediate Level, second

SSC appoints qualified candidates to various central government organisations, including the Central Board of Direct Taxes, the Enforcement Department, the Comptroller Auditor General, and others. The Staff Selection Commission is charged with administering the SSC, Intermediate level exam. The majority of the positions in the intermediate-level exam are administrative positions also referred to as the Lower Division Clerk.


A 10th-class diploma, a degree, or a 12th-class diploma plus an ITI are typically required for work in the railway sector. After graduating from high school with a major in commerce, you are eligible to apply for Group D positions. The same is true for applying for work with the Indian Railways after receiving your degree. You can work as a clerk, commercial assistant, RPF SI, ticket collector, etc. in the train sector. These jobs are without a doubt recognised as the best government employment options for graduates in business.

Forest Service

All state governments' forest departments accept applications for the role of Forest Guard. The Forest Guard requires applicants to have completed 12th grade. Thus, applicants must be commerce majors who have completed their 12th-grade coursework. On the other hand, graduates in business could apply for the position of Deputy Range Forest Officer.

Indian Army

Candidates for non-technical trade roles in the Indian Army must have completed their 12th-grade studies in the commerce stream. One can submit their application online or by attending an Indian Army Recruitment Rally. The position of Sepoys is awarded to those selected during these induction rallies. The Subedar Major rank is the highest promotion obtained from the Sepoy position based on the various requirements. Class 12th commerce students are also eligible to take the NDA(National Defence Academy) Exam.

Indian Navy

The SSR, or Senior Secondary Recruitment, and the MR, or Matric Recruitment, are the two primary exams that can be taken following the completion of class 12. Any position in the Indian Navy requires candidates to be physically fit and active. Online job alerts are sent, but online applications are also required. This is a fantastic alternative for those who wish to begin working as soon as they graduate from high school.

Indian Air Force

In order to be eligible for recruitment as an airman in the Indian Air Force, each applicant must have passed their 12th grade. A nationwide online test is being held by the Indian Air Force to find the best candidates. The Indian Air Force accepts job applications through its website. Applicants who have successfully completed the National Defense Academy (NDA) training must possess the Flying Officer rating in order to become commissioned officers in the Indian Air Force.

Indian Coastal Guard

One has two options for joining the Indian Coast Guard - Navik (Domestic Branch) or Navik (General Duty Branch). Only applicants who have taken mathematics and physics in their grade 12th are eligible for the General Duty Branch. To become a Navik of the Domestic Division, one must finish the 10th grade. After completing their 12th-grade year, commerce students should apply as Naviks for the Domestic Branch rather than the General Duty Branch.


The career chances for those suffering in school and scrambling to find work after passing the class 12 exam are still only fair. Anyone who has a 12th-grade education and a background in business is qualified to apply for any of these jobs. Applicants should finish their undergraduate degrees before applying for jobs, but if they are having financial difficulties, they are still welcome to submit an application for any of the opportunities on our list of government jobs for commerce students.

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